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Soul Resonance

How singers create emotional impact

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Discover the mind-blowing science behind emotional projection, and see for yourself how shifting your focus in the right direction can dramatically change your singing, and create a transformative experience for yourself and your audience.

"Brilliant! I couldn’t recommend “Soul Resonance” more. Stefanie and Graham Anduri are the type of pedagogues who not only balance technical mastery and emotional connection in singing, but are supremely gifted at guiding other vocalists to also experience this balance in tangible and immediately applicable ways. As an experienced singer (10+ years onstage internationally) I especially appreciated the emphasis on the science of emotional connection— both to song text and to the audience. Honestly, this is precisely the workshop I needed in University and I believe that both young and seasoned vocalists alike can massively benefit from Soul Resonance. Thank you so much, Graham and Stefanie!"

- Sidonie Smith, international musical theatre star


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"To me, this is the essence of why we sing and you both have come up with ways to clearly communicate this intangible feeling of connection and purpose when we sing.   The comfortable and non-judgemental space that SFYL has created is a tool that is invaluable to singers of all ages and at all stages of development. 


SFYL sheds light on how the scientific truths of the vibrations of our singing bodies can connect us with the people and world around us opening us up to a deeper sense of meaning, communication, story-telling, and vulnerability that in turn free us up when we focus too much on technical difficulties and sounding "perfect".


This workshop allows singers to find their authentic voices resonating from their souls using techniques that help free the singer rather than entrap them in a set of rules.  Stefanie and Graham Anduri care about human healing and connection through the voice, and have years of research, teaching, and training between them that I believe can truly help change the mindset of the singer and unlock their highest selves as artists."

- Hilary Ginther, internationally renowned mezzo-soprano


This workshop comes with our Satisfaction money-back guarantee.  If you aren't totally satisfied with the content of this workshop, we will refund 100% of the purchase price.


"Soul Resonance" Workshop
Only $11.11

100% Money Back Guarantee

The transformational techniques that you are about to learn will take your singing to new heights you've never explored.

But this is just the beginning!

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gain the confidence to perform expressively and joyfully,
and dissolve your performance anxiety...

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Sing for Your Lives

Drs. Stefanie and Graham Anduri are a dynamic couple who teach, perform, and present around the world with the overarching goal of improving the world through their art. With over 50 years of combined performing, teaching and research experience, the Anduris bring a wealth of experiential knowledge and integrate it with thorough scientific research and a holistic perspective to create something truly unique.  Both have their Doctor of Musical Arts degrees in Vocal Performance and Pedagogy.

The Anduris founded Sing For Your Lives in 2020 in order to bring a new kind of vocal coaching experience to a global audience. Their holistic approach to singing values Connection Over Perfection, Expressing rather than Impressing, and Self-Discovery through Singing. Their voice students and career mentorship clients have received scholarships at prestigious graduate institutions throughout the USA, and are singing professionally all around the globe.

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