Sing For Your Lives Studio

STARTING SOON! Transformative Singing Course - Level 1. This course will be offered virtually in January and February of 2022, with the option to attend synchronously or asynchronously. Click the image below for more details. Promotional pricing offer ends soon, so sign up to begin your transformation today!


The Transformative Singing Process helps you explore the full expressive capability of your voice with a holistic approach to vocal technique and self-discovery. By illuminating your unconscious physical, mental and emotional habits, you can then consciously choose to transform the way you sing, think, act, and feel. Empower yourself and others to sing and live with intention and purpose.  Leave a transformative, lasting impact with your voice.  

We are also available for individual lessons. Shoot us an email at to arrange a time. Right now we are holding in-person lessons for local vaccinated individuals, and online lessons via Zoom for socially and geographically distanced students.