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SFYL Vocal Studio

Discover the full passion, power, and purpose of your singing voice!

Transformative Singing Voice Lessons

  • Explore untapped high notes

  • Discover ease and agility beyond what you ever knew was possible

  • Find deeper emotional expression in your performance

  • Sing in new musical styles that you always wanted to explore but were too scared to try

  • Uncover tone colors you didn't even know you could make

  • Dissolve performance anxiety to be able to give your absolute best in performances and auditions

  • Learn how to create a long-lasting emotional impact on your audience

  • Reveal the inherent beauty and full expressive capacity of your voice

  • Identify and eliminate the physical, mental, and emotional impediments that have been holding back your vocal progress

  • Gain confidence, authority, and personal empowerment in your singing and in your life!


Transformative Singing Lessons are unlike any other vocal training you've experienced. We don't just cover up symptoms of vocal issues with gimmicky technique. By looking at the entire interconnected human body, your conscious and unconscious thought patterns, your emotional habits, and your overall sense of self - your spirit - we get down to the root causes of your vocal challenges and liberate your voice so you can be the fullest, freest, most unimpeded version of yourself. 


We don't build voices, we get all of your impediments out of the way of the beautiful, expressive, resonant vocal instrument that is already your birthright. You'll learn to look at the holistic picture of your voice, your purpose as a singer, and the way your singing reflects your soul. We'll help you see the big picture, as well as the most minute details that contribute to that big picture. By gaining a greater sense of conscious, objective awareness of the way your body functions as a musical instrument, you will empower yourself to take your vocal progress beyond the voice studio and keep making new discoveries on your own - essentially becoming your own teacher! 


Our current and former private students are singing professionally all over the world in the realms of opera, musical theatre, pop, country, folk, and more. They have received competitive scholarships at Juilliard, Eastman, San Francisco Conservatory, Peabody Conservatory, University of Colorado, University of Northern Colorado, University of North Texas, Colorado State University, and more. Most importantly, these students embody the passion, power, and purpose of a truly Transformative Singer, and leave an indelible mark on everyone who hears them sing.

See what other singers are saying about their experience with Transformative Singing

WOW!  I just finished the last session on Friday and I had to email you and express my profound joy!  

Singing the exercises with Graham I found myself freely singing all across my range with very little issue!!!!   The higher I went the better I felt and the more freedom I felt inside myself and with my voice!   On that last exercise I felt like I AM MYSELF again!!!!!   Or maybe for the first time ever!!  

- Shirley, professional voice teacher