We are Stefanie and Graham, founders of Sing For Your Lives!


Music is the most representative art form of our experience of life. A complex arrangement and interplay of patterns that transform and explain a perfectly framed human experience of the world. The patterns of the cosmos manifesting themselves as music, and the patterns of the music manifest themselves as the patterns of your body in syncopation with everyone else is a representation of a harmonious and ideal society. It is something that is beyond us. It represents the reality that exists beyond what our senses reveal to us moment to moment. We seek to better understand how to improve the world through singing.

     Sing For Your Lives is the culmination of 6 accredited music degrees and over 50 years of combined experience in performing, teaching, and scholarly research. Synthesizing discoveries from the fields of  Voice science, Psycho-acoustics, Cymatics, Neurology, Biology, Physiology, Psychology, Cardio-Energetics, and Quantum physics, Drs. Stefanie and Graham Anduri offer courses and workshops that can transform the ways we Sing, Teach, Live, and Connect with others.  Sing For Your Lives is Self-Discovery through singing and science.  


     Drs. Stefanie and Graham Anduri are a dynamic couple who teach, perform, present, and parent together with the overarching goal of improving the world through their art. Together, they have completed all of their music degrees, performed at Carnegie Hall as well as in Germany, Italy, and across the US, presented a Tedx talk, helped co-found a concert series called Art Song Colorado, and created Sing For Your Lives. With nearly 50 years of combined performing, teaching and research experience, the Anduris bring a wealth of experiential knowledge and integrate it with thorough scientific research to create something truly unique.  Both have their Doctor of Musical Arts degrees in Vocal Performance and Pedagogy, and have been university music professors for the past decade.


Graham originally wanted to be a rock star, until he went to see a college production of Suor Angelica that changed his life in more ways than one.  Not only did he fall in love with the art form, he also fell in love with the soprano in the title role (you'll never guess who!).  Graham enjoys exploring the impact of music through a wide lens.  With over 50 roles in opera, musical theatre, and oratorio productions, Graham is primarily a performer of classical styles, but he also dabbles in musical theatre, jazz, and rock.  Naturally an educator, he also finds great fulfillment as a choral conductor and opera director.


Stefanie began singing as a young girl with the Colorado Children's Chorale.  While singing the children's chorus in a performance of Carmina Burana, she was brought to tears by the soprano soloist, and knew from that point on that she needed to be an opera singer.  She is passionate about bringing lesser-known vocal works to light, with a special fondness for music written during and about the Holocaust.  Stefanie is a pedagogically acute and highly intuitive teacher who infuses deep contextual meaning into her voice lessons, academic classes, and vocal workshops.

The Sing For Your Lives Story.

Why do we sing? What is the purpose of our music, and of our lives? How can I make a difference in the world?

These existential questions proved to be hauntingly difficult to answer, even after years of training and education.  Our quest to answer these and other such questions took us on an inner journey to the depths of our own psyches, as well as an outward exploration of other people's experiences and a dizzying rabbit hole of scientific literature.  We always knew that music was powerful, and important to our lives in some way, but articulating exactly how or why was proving to be tricky. As experts in the field of music, we felt we should be able to clearly and effectively advocate for ourselves and our art. But where musicians and artists are often easily placated by feel-good quotes and plattitudes about the power of music, skeptics require something more concrete, more tangible, more measurable.

As we set out to justify our existence and explain our career choices, we uncovered more than we could have ever imagined. We discovered how sound creates and effects physical form in the molecules of our bodies and in everything around us.  We learned that at the smallest subatomic levels of existence, our universe is nothing but vibrating bundles of energy, and that the vibrations we create through our sound, our thoughts, our emotional states, and our actions have a direct effect on the world around us.  We learned that our hearts create a powerful elctromagnetic field around us that communicates emotional intent to others in our vicinity.  And we learned that our emotional intention alters our biochemistry.


At the same time we were researching the nature of the universe, we were also doing our own research in the voice studio.  As we continued to adapt our pedagogical approaches to help our students and ourselves to sing better, we kept stumbling across little nuggets of wisdom that were applicable far beyond the human voice - ideas like "Relinquish control to gain control," "Connection over perfection," "High notes are only hard if we make them hard," "Focus on achieving what you want instead of avoiding what you don't want."  We realized that voice lessons were really life lessons in disguise, and we felt a responsibility to share our findings with the world.


We started out with professional development workshops on vocal pedagogy, conference presentations, a Tedx talk, and free community voice workshops.  We finally created the first Sing For Your Lives workshop series in January of 2020, and the positive response was well beyond what we could have expected.  We began receiving requests to present our workshop around the country, to write articles, and to keep growing what we were doing.  We were at the height of our exhileration when the world suddenly shut down overnight.  Singing together, the one thing that served as a balm for people worldwide, was now deemed to be a public health threat - a "superspreader" activity.  We were devastated.


As many others did, we turned to the virtual world of performing and teaching.  We offered virtual workshops and panel discussions, coachings and masterclasses around the world.  We also took the opportunity of retrenchment forced by the pandemic to continue our journey of soul-searching, and further refined and defined what Sing For Your Lives was all about.  Now that the world is beginning to re-open, we are once again thrilled to be presenting live workshops and events across the country, incorporating new research and improved formats.


To be continued...