Holistic Vocal Transformation

Develop measurable improvements in your singing and positive, tangible changes in your life through holistic vocal training.


Here at Sing For Your Lives, we teach singing in a different way.


We use a holistic approach called The Transformative Singing Process that helps you explore the full expressive capability of your voice. By integrating the exploration of your body, your mind, your heart, and your spirit, you will illuminate your unconscious physical, mental and emotional habits. This allows you to then consciously choose to transform the way you sing, think, act, and feel. Empower yourself and others to sing and live with intention and purpose.  Leave a transformative, lasting impact with your voice.

This program is for singers of all levels who are not getting what they need from traditional voice training. Most vocal training focuses on one thing only: Mechanical Technique. This approach is rife with practices that are counter-productive for singers:

  • one-size-fits-all teaching

  • recycled, ambiguous instructional language

  • technique with unclear purpose

  • no clear motivation for singing well (other than the fear of doing it wrong)

  • attempts to treat symptoms of problems without understanding the underlying causes for those problems

The good news is, there is a better way to free the natural beauty and expressiveness of your voice and re-discover the joy and magic of singing once again.​


Kanani Crandall, Vocal Performance Student


The Transformative Singing Process

Claim full command of your voice and discover a deeper sense of purpose in your singing and in your life.

  • Sing with ease, power, and artistry in any style

  • Improve your range, agility, tone quality and diversity, breath management, and much more

  • Find a profound sense of purpose in your artistry

  • Create a singing career that brings success, joy, and fulfillment

  • Find your True Voice - (both the instrument and expression of Self)

  • Dissolve your performance anxiety for good

  • Embark on a journey of self-discovery through singing - one that will lead to increased confidence, life purpose, and self-awareness

  • Create a profound and lasting impact on your audience every time you sing - one that inspires people to examine themselves and their place in the world


The Transformative Singing Process works

Even if you have tried other singing courses in the past, we know you’ve never experienced anything like this!

Even if you have been told you are not a singer … we believe EVERYONE is a singer!

Even you feel like you have already tried and failed to be a successful performer … if you haven’t failed, you haven’t tried!

Even if your voice doesn’t feel like it works the way it used to … we’ve had students re-discover voices that they thought were lost for good!

Whether you have taken 1 voice lesson or 1,000, we guarantee you will come away from this coaching program singing better than you ever have, and feeling better about yourself in the process.

Brilliant! I couldn’t recommend Transformative Singing more. Stefanie and Graham Anduri are the type of pedagogues who not only balance technical mastery and emotional connection in singing, but are supremely gifted at guiding other vocalists to also experience this balance.
Both young and seasoned vocalists alike can massively benefit from Transformative Singing."
Headshot of Sidonie Smith

Sidonie Smith

Internationally renowned musical theatre star

Jack, Vocal Performance Student

Thalia, Choir Director


Andrea, New Singer

Stacy, Choir Director

Tess, Aspiring Professional Singer