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Heads Up, Singers!

The performing arts landscape is shifting, and the strategies we've always used to build successful and fulfilling careers are no longer working. You've probably noticed some of that shift yourself.


Things are changing fast - for the better!

And right now is the perfect time to act on your dreams of creating a fulfilling and lucrative career as a vocal performer!

Vocal Performance Accelerator Program

Be known as a singer who makes a Transformative Impact

on their audience

Create the career path that aligns with your sense of Purpose

Stop asking permission to sing, take your career by the horns, and LIVE THE LIFE YOU LOVE!

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If your goals for the next year include...
  1. Getting paid to sing on a regular basis

  2. Getting your vocal technique to be consistent and reliable

  3. Singing with the kind of expressive passion that makes people say, "That performance moved me to tears!"

  4. Figuring out how to make your own opportunities rather than waiting for someone else to hand them out to you

  5. Taking control of your performing career and steering it toward the lifestyle that will feed your soul and your wallet

  6. Using your vocal artistry to make positive changes in the world around you

  7. Finding a deeper sense of purpose and meaning as an artist

  8. Finding the courage, confidence, and empowerment to live the life you love

  9. Finding more success in auditions - so you can audition less and perform more!

  10. Combining all of your various talents and passions into one, cohesive, purpose-driven career plan

Then it's time for you to join the fast-growing movement of singers who are transforming the way they approach their performing careers, and empowering themselves to dream bigger, sing better, and live life to the fullest!

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Ditch the "Waiting Game" and start playing the "Creating Game" instead!

❌ Break out of the endless cycle of auditioning - waiting to hear back - existential dread about rejection letters.

       ✔️ Replace it with a new cycle of Creating, Performing, and Growing!

❌ Let go of the self-doubt, self-pity, and the self-sabotage.

        ✔️ Replace them with Self-Discovery, Self-Esteem, and Self-Empowerment!

❌ Drop the shackles of performance anxiety.

        ✔️ Embody a new performance paradigm of Courage, Inspiration, and Transformation! 


Accelerating Your Vocal Performance

Transformative Singing
  • Embody a new performance paradigm that sets you up for success every time you sing

  • Remove your vocal impediments with holistic vocal technique that addresses the root causes of challenges instead of masking the symptoms

  • Make performance anxiety a thing of the past

  • Learn how to create an emotional impact on your audience that keeps them coming back for more

  • Discover how to troubleshoot your own vocal instrument so you can rely on your voice and sing your best everyday

Holistic Career Planning
Team High Five
  • Think outside the box with an integrative approach to career planning that puts you in charge of your life

  • Combine the practical nuts and bolts of building a successful career with the creative problem-solving skills to take on any new challenge

  • Create a cohesive career plan that integrates all of your passions and talents

  • Ditch the toxic and illusory notion that a "successful professional singer" should only sing and not have to do anything else

The Leap
  • Change your mindset to change your circumstances

  • Embark on a journey of self-discovery that will reveal whatever is impeding your progress, and then dissolve it at the source

  • Become the most capable and empowered version of yourself

  • Discover a deep sense of purpose and fulfillment that motivates you to succeed through high times and low times

  • Find out how truly amazing you really are (YES, YOU!)

Be the Transformative Singer You Were Meant to Be


If you picture yourself five years down the road, what do you see?

Try this on...


You are on an open stage, spotlights glaring, music enveloping you, your voice pouring effortlessly and expressively from you. An audience of captive listeners is wildly applauding, celebrating the gift you're sharing with them. They leave the performance utterly transformed by your performance.

While deciding how to spend the sumptuous performer's fee you just received, you are approached by someone from the audience who congratulates you on your performance, and offers you another gig on the other side of town.

You haven't auditioned in several years because you continue to receive offers like this one after performing concerts that you, yourself have set up, marketed, and profited from. You perform on a regular basis, creating a consistent stream of revenue that augments the other parts of your career that you are so passionate about.

Perhaps you teach a private studio of dedicated students...

Perhaps you run regularly scheduled workshop series or singing class...

Perhaps you work with a non-profit to bring the arts to under-privileged youth...

Perhaps you find joy and fulfillment in something outside of music that complements and balances your artistic side...

You are not successful because you are busy.

You are successful because you are fulfilled - artistically, emotionally, spiritually, and financially.

You have a deep sense of artistic purpose and meaning. You sing for a reason. You sing to change lives. You sing to bring a little more beauty and light into the world.

You sing with pure joy, determination, confidence, artistic excellence. You trust your voice implicitly to express every emotion in every song you sing.

Sound like a good 5-year plan? What about a 2-year plan? Or maybe even a 1-year plan?

These are the dreams that a Transformative Singer dares to dream. These are the dreams that we have made a reality for ourselves, and which we help other singers to achieve each and every day!

Why listen to us?

Great question!


Allow us to introduce ourselves. We are Drs. Stefanie and Graham Anduri, founders of Sing For Your Lives.


We know what it is like to be chasing the dream life of singing on the world's big stages and feeling like it might never happen. But with the right guidance, that dream can and WILL come to fruition!

Between the two of us, we have over 50 combined years of international performance experience in opera, musical theatre, choir, barbershop, rock, bluegrass, and heavy metal. While getting our doctoral degrees in Vocal Performance and Pedagogy, we both began a decade-long career teaching music at the university level, with Graham serving as the Director of Voice Studies for five years.

When the two of us met in undergrad, we both had our sights set on the major world stages. We wanted to travel everywhere, live the bohemian lifestyle, and make a comfortable living doing nothing but singing operas.


Of course, we were young and naïve, and the reality turned out to be much different than that.


There was no prescribed path for us to find the kind of success that we did.


We had to blaze our own trail, navigate uncharted waters, and learn from some hefty mistakes along the way.


But we made it work!


Our lives look very different now from the starry-eyed daydreams that we had back in those early days. In fact, they are even better than we could have imagined back then!


Instead of constantly being apart, living out of hotels, and only singing what someone else wants us to sing when someone else declares that we are worthy enough to sing it…


  • We have a stable home where we get to raise our two amazing boys


  • We have time and space to explore ALL of our artistic, creative, and intellectual interests


  • We find immense joy in sharing everything we’ve learned to help other vocal artists discover and reach their full potential  


  • We barely ever have to audition, and when we do – it’s on OUR terms


  • And yet, we still perform regularly, averaging 25-30 major gigs per year.


  • And the best apart is, we sing what we want to sing, when we want to sing it – and GET PAID 10s of THOUSANDS of $$ EACH YEAR TO DO IT!


  • Plus, we still get to travel the world to share our voices and our experience with audiences everywhere.

But after ten years teaching in academia, we started recognizing the shortcomings in the level of whole-artist training provided by the higher education system.


So much of the focus of this path was on ‘BUILDING THE VOICE,’ but almost no attention was given to the other things that really mattered.



  • Things like leveraging all your talents and passions to craft your own unique, multi-dimensional career as an artist


  • Things like knowing how to market yourself so that the right people know about you and WANT to come hear you sing


  • Things like understanding your “WHY” so you have the motivation to push through the hard times


  • Things like knowing how to tell the stories of humanity in a way that transforms people’s hearts and minds, and changes the way that we all interact with each other


  • Things like creating your own performance and audition opportunities so you can steer your career – and your LIFE – in the direction you want it to go!

So we decided to step out on our own and create a program that could provide aspiring professional singers with the full package of tools that they would need to succeed in this demanding career path. 


Now,  we help singers all over the world to Transform their Voices, Transform their Careers, and Transform their Lives!


Singer Success Stories

John is a professional singer/actor in New Zealand. When he came to us, he was struggling from a sense of overwhelm, vocal insecurity, and a lack of career focus that prevented him from pursuing his goals.


Now, he is regularly performing lead roles in plays, musicals, and operas with professional companies around New Zealand, with four major productions under his belt in the past four months alone!

Temperance was already a successful musical theatre performer and arts administrator who wanted to find ways to break out of the post-audition "Waiting Game." 

On top of maximizing the emotional impact of her performances through the Transformative Singing Process, she is now creating new streams of income and artistic fulfillment as a creative entrepreneur and civil rights advocate.


Jordi is a multi-genre singer and mother of four young kids from Arizona who put her performing career on hold to start a family. She has been teaching a private vocal studio for ten years, and wanted to find ways to augment her teaching income without adding more time to her schedule, while also honing her performance skills to get back in the performing game.

Now, she offers a lucrative vocal workshop series that maximizes her time/dollar ratio, and is singing better than ever across multiple styles of music!

Cassidy is an up-and-coming musical theatre artist from Louisiana who suffered from a severe lack of confidence in her abilities, despite her incredible talent. As such, she didn't know what steps to take to put herself out there and get noticed, so her career was stagnating.

Now, she is planning an audition trip to Germany after receiving glowing feedback from a casting director in Hamburg, is creating her own performance opportunities, she is talking with producers about putting out her own amazing compositions, and she is starting her own private teaching studio.