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You want to launch your singing career

we've got your launchpad


See if this sounds like you:

  1. You are pursuing a career as a singer in the classical or music theatre industries

  2. You have dedicated your life to your craft

  3. Despite your years of training and tireless effort, you keep coming up short in auditions

  4. You want to spend your life performing on the big stage, but are not sure that you can create a sustainable career from it

  5. You want to make an impact with your voice

  6. You know you have what it takes to “make it” but are unsure of the steps needed to get there

  7. Despite years of vocal training, you still do not always feel like you have full command of your voice

  8. You love the feeling you get after a performance, but the fear and anxiety that precede a performance or audition can be debilitating

  9. You remember having immense passion for singing, but have struggled to maintain your “why” as you have worked to develop the “how”


We struggled for years to find success and fulfillment in our careers as performers. Along the way, we've sung with some incredible artists and we've noticed some things that set apart the great performers from the mediocre ones - and it isn't just the voice!


It goes without saying that to be a successful singing artist, you gotta be good! But good at what, exactly? Good at making sound really efficiently with a perfect vibrato pattern and perfectly formed formants?


There are plenty of people out there who have honed their technique to near perfection and still don't have careers.


The greats obviously know how to command their voices, but they don't always have perfect technique. Rather, they know how to move an audience to tears or laughter. They know how to keep them right in the palm of their hand and take them on an emotional journey. They know how to tell a story with their voices and their acting that leaves a  lasting impression on an audience, whether it's 5,000 fans, or 3 audition panelists.


At Sing For Your Lives, we have helped hundreds of emerging professional singers pursue their dreams of a life on the stage by teaching them how to do just that. Because we learned a lot of lessons the hard way as young artists, we have been able to help our students find greater success earlier in their careers. These singers grow fast because not only do we give them individualized, holistic vocal technique that transforms their voices, but we also equip them with the mental, emotional, and entrepreneurial tools that are crucial in today's industry, yet which are so often left out of traditional training methods and university systems.  Tools like:

  1. Embodying a Transformative Singing Mindset that flips your performance paradigm on its head and empowers you to make a difference in the world

  2. Understanding your core sense of purpose - the "why" that keeps driving you onward through the tough times

  3. Becoming aware of your mind, body, heart, and spirit to such a degree that you become your own teacher

  4. Connecting with professional contacts who have the power to hire you and advance your career

  5. Creating a stellar press kit that ensures you will leave a positive lasting impression

  6. Developing the entrepreneurial skills to create your own performance opportunities so that you aren't depending on the whims of a director you've never even met



If  you are ready to do what it takes to create a career for yourself that keeps you singing professionally on a regular basis, provides fulfillment and joy in your life, and empowers you to make a positive impact in the world around you then the INFUSE Career Mentorship for Singers program may just be the thing you are looking for. Click the button below to check it out, then go ahead and book a free mini-lesson with us and we will give you instant feedback and direction on your specific vocal journey. 

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