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Browse through a wide range of free and premium resources, from ebooks to video workshops and training courses that can help you discover greater expression in your voice, and greater clarity, passion, and profitability in your singing career.

Also see how you can supercharge your vocal expression and career development through personalized coaching solutions.
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Stage Fright Survival Guide 

This interactive ebook is full of tips, tricks, mindset shifts, audio and video resources, and holistic techniques to help you...

  • Vanquish stage fright for good

  • Find more confidence and success in performances, auditions, and competitions

  • Improve your sense of presence, creativity, and expression

  • Take command of your mind and your voice!



Join the Transformative Singers Facebook ™ Group

This free group is designed to empower intentional and purpose-driven singers to supercharge their performance and make an impact in the world. Join today and see how you can benefit from this community of purpose-driven vocalists.

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5 Steps to Become a Thriving Vocal Artist - FREE

Discover what it really takes to create a successful and thriving career as a passion-driven, purpose-driven, vocal artist in today's performing arts landscape. (Hint: It takes WAY more than just talent!)

1. Define Your "WHY"

2. Know What You're Really Selling

3. Cultivate Your Creativity

4. Embrace Versatility

5. Never Stop Learning

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Demystifying the Breath

This interactive ebook is full of tips, tricks, mindset shifts, audio and video resources, and holistic techniques to help you...

  • Embody and understand multiple approaches to breath management so you can discover what works best for YOUR body

  • Improve your range, tone, stamina, and breath capacity

  • Understand and employ the many benefits of the singer's breath for your your personal wellness

  • Make a profound and lasting impact on your audience


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Releasing Tension to Be a Better Singer

This interactive ebook is full of tips, tricks, mindset shifts, audio and video resources, and holistic techniques to help you...

  • Get rid of tension at the source

  • Liberate your voice to sing like you've always dreamed

  • Empower yourself to be a singer with a profound sense of  purpose in the world

  • Change your outlook on singing and life to one of possibility rather than limitation


The Transformative Singer:
Holistic Techniques for an Empowered Voice

This interactive digital course book comes with over 130 pages of instructional material and more than 60 minutes of video content to help you embody the concepts and holistic techniques of the Transformative Singing Process.





Find out what sets holistic vocal training apart from traditional vocal training. Learn the difference between "Transformative Singing" and "Impeded Singing."

Discover some powerful and under-utilized techniques for dissolving performance anxiety at the source, rather than simply masking the symptoms.

Cassidy is an up-and-coming musical theatre artist from Louisiana who suffered from a severe lack of confidence in her abilities, despite her incredible talent. As such, she didn't know what steps to take to put herself out there and get noticed, so her career was stagnating.

Now, she is planning an audition trip to Germany after receiving glowing feedback from a casting director in Hamburg, is creating her own performance opportunities, she is talking with producers about putting out her own amazing compositions, and she is starting her own private teaching studio.

What drives you to express yourself through your voice? Is there a deeper purpose to singing than simply making pretty sounds for someone else's enjoyment?

Hear from an international panel of choral directors about the life-changing power of music, and how we can use our voices to make the world a better, safer, more compassionate place for all.

Philip came to us a a highly trained, yet frustrated young artist. He had finished a graduate degree and a Performance Diploma from a prestigious music conservatory, but was consistently coming up empty-handed from auditions. 

Within two weeks of the INFUSE program, he had transformed his performance paradigm, started to recognize his inherent value as an artist, discovered new possibilities in his voice, and landed his first professional opera contract. This was followed by three more professional contracts in only a few month's time.

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Workshops - $11.11 each
High Notes Are Easy

Embody a holistic approach that will help you achieve easier, freer, better high notes in one hour. (Guaranteed or your money back!)

Soul Resonance

Learn how to envelope your audience in a life-changing emotional experience whenever you sing. The science behind our ability to emanate emotional information to each other will absolutely blow your mind! 

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Singing For Personal Wellness

Discover a whole host of new techniques and exercises designed to boost your mood, balance your hormones, clear your mind, and elevate your spirit. Transformative Singing holds enormous benefits for physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual wellness.

Storytelling Through Song