Free your voice.
Transform yourself.
Inspire harmony in the world around you.


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Develop measurable

improvements in your singing and positive, tangible changes in your life within 5 weeks

(or your money back!)

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This course is for singers of all levels who are not getting what they need from traditional voice training.

Most vocal training focuses on one thing only: 

Mechanical Technique

This approach is rife with practices that are counter-productive for singers

 ❌one-size-fits-all teaching

 ❌recycled, ambiguous instructional language

 ❌technique with unclear purpose

 ❌no clear motivation for singing well (other than the fear of doing it wrong)

 ❌attempts to treat symptoms of problems without understanding the underlying causes for those problems 

The good news is, there is a better way to free the natural beauty and expressiveness of your voice 

and re-discover the joy and magic of singing once again.


It's called

The Transformative Singing Process!


We've designed this course to help you claim full command of your voice and discover a deeper sense of purpose in your singing and in your life. 

  Sing with ease, power, and artistry in any style

  Improve your range, agility, tone quality and diversity, breath management, and much more

  Find a profound sense of purpose in your artistry

  Create a singing career that brings success, joy, and fulfillment

  Find your True Voice - (both the instrument and expression of Self)

  Dissolve your performance anxiety for good

  Embark on a journey of self-discovery through singing - one that will lead to increased confidence, life purpose, and self-awareness

  Create a profound and lasting impact on your audience every time you sing - one that inspires people to examine themselves and their place in the world

The Transformative Singing Process works!

  • Even if you have tried other singing courses in the past... (we know you've never experienced anything like this!)

  • Even if you have been told you are not a singer... (news flash: EVERYONE is a singer!)

  • Even you feel like you have already tried and failed to be a successful performer... (if you haven't failed, you haven't tried!)

  • Even if your voice doesn't feel like it works the way it used to... (we've had students re-discover voices that they thought were lost for good!)

Whether you have taken 1 voice lesson or 1,000, we guarantee you will come away from this course singing better than you ever have, and feeling better about yourself in the process.

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We have helped everyone from beginners and amateurs to young artists and professional singers.

This course is also for you if you are a voice teacher or choir director looking for new ways to help your own students (licensed teachers can get up to 12 hours of Professional Development credit).

Here's what several music teachers recently had to say about this course: 


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Essentially, if you are a singer of any kind looking to improve your voice and find a more purposeful sense of your place in the world as an artist, then this course is exactly what you need to bust through your plateaus and break ground into the as-of-yet undiscovered parts of your voice, your mind, your body, your heart, and your spirit.

Transformative Singing Level 1: Foundations of Holistic Vocal Technique is different


This is a unique vocal training course that takes a Holistic approach to the voice - one that encompasses mind, body, heart, spirit. 

The Transformative Singing Process guides you in how to explore your own voice so that you can be your own troubleshooter.


Transformative Singing is purpose-centered. Vocal technique doesn’t exist for its own sake. It serves a deeper purpose: telling a story that opens people's minds and changes their hearts. When we understand the reason for learning new technique, we are able to assimilate that new information more readily and embody it more easily.


Everything in this course is backed by science. Over the past decade, we have looked at neurology, physiology, psychology, cymatics, acoustics, psycho-acoustics, bioenergetics, quantum mechanics, not to mention vocology. 


For you, all of this translates to an opportunity to achieve better vocal technique, including

  Extended Range

  More consistent, free, colorful, and vibrant tone

  Breath management


  Creativity and artistry

  Stylistic diversity

plus, you will...

  Find greater fulfillment and joy from singing

  Gain a deeper understanding of voice/self

  Grow your self confidence and Dissolve your P.A.

  Leave a lasting impact on your audience

  Discover a profound sense of purpose in your artistry

  Create harmony and alignment within yourself - physically, mentally, and emotionally

  Inspire harmony in your community

  Create connections and Dissolve divisions in the world

"That's all great, but how much does this all cost?"

That's a great question, and the short answer is, way less than it should!

We'll get to the numbers in a minute, but first let's talk about what it costs you to NOT take this journey of vocal discovery and transformation.

By NOT  taking the steps to grow your self-confidence and self-awareness, to discover the full expressive capability of your singing voice, to uncover a deep sense of purpose and empowerment in your artistry, you are remaining stagnant, repeating the same cyclical patterns of behavior that got you stuck where you are now:


- frustrated with your voice

 - wishing you could do more to sing better

 - dreaming about singing in front of people without fear, but too petrified to do anything about it

 - wishing you had taken advantage of the opportunity to grow when you had the chance

So now you have a choice to make.

Option 1: You can go back to the old ways of doing things, struggling to make your voice work the way you want it to, hoping that something will magically change for you. You can keep trudging through the fear of failure and the performance anxiety that accompanies each new performance opportunity, hoping that no one will find your voice overly offensive. We call this the "Impeded Singing Mindset."



Option 2: Embrace the "Transformative Singing Mindset," and reclaim command of your voice. Sing with purpose, empowerment, expression, joy, passion, and impact! Realize that by transforming your voice, you transform yourself, and by transforming yourself, you change the way you move through the world and interact with people. You create harmony within yourself, and you inspire harmony in the world around you. You no longer sing to simply entertain, or to hope for a few feeble words of vocal praise - you sing to make the world a more beautiful, kind, compassionate, empathetic place for everyone!

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The Transformative Singing course is presented live over a 5-week period every Tuesday at 1:00 pm MST beginning January 11th, 2022. We will also do an instant replay with live Q and A each following Saturday at 10:00 am MST. Participants may choose to attend the live or  sessions or watch the recorded classes on their own time. All registered participants receive lifetime access to the class recordings, as well as all additional course materials.

The five 75-minute live classes are:

1.    Align Yourself (January 11th - Instant replay January 15th)
Align your body to optimize your voice while aligning your yourself with your truest, deepest purpose. Discover how fixing your alignment allows you to dissolve many of your other vocal technique issues

2.    Breath of Life (January 18th - Instant replay January 22nd)
Holistic perspectives on the physics and metaphysics of breath as an emotional communicator. Explore multiple approaches to breathing so you can find the breath management system that works the best for YOUR body.

3.    Spark of Creation (January 25th - Instant replay January 29th)
Achieve laryngeal release by dissolving the physical, mental, and emotional bonds that inhibit the truest expression of your Voice.

4.    Soul Resonance (February 1st - Instant replay February 5th)
Vocal resonance+mental intention+emotional expression=Soul Resonance. Explore the many ways that we can shape our resonators to fins authenticity in a variety of musical styles. Then learn about the science behind bioenergetic emotional communication, and how you can supercharge your expressive impact as a vocal performer. 

5.     Connection Over Perfection (February 8th - Instant replay February 12th)
Learn how to fully embody a Transformative Singing Mindset. Leave a deep and lasting impact on your audience while imbuing your singing with joy and purpose every time you sing.




In the past, we’ve charged $200 or more for this and similar courses. But this time around, we are including some incredible new resources to supercharge your learning experience. When you sign you up, you get instant access to the following items:

  • “The Transformative Singer: Holistic Techniques for an Empowered Voice” Course Book ($67 value). With over 130 pages of information and over 60 additional minutes of instructional video content, this interactive textbook outlines the entire Transformative Singing Process and will support and supplement everything you learn throughout the course.

  • Access to 3 Transformative Singing in-depth live workshops ($90 value) that dig deeper into some of the more advanced concepts of the Transformative Singing Process

  • 4 Transformative Singing masterclasses ($80 value) where you can get individualized feedback on how to apply Transformative Singing concepts in your own singing, and see how other singers respond to it as well

  • Access to 12 live Transformative Talks ($60 value) with leading experts in a wide variety of fields that illuminate the crucial and fundamental nature of singing for the wellbeing of the human race

  • “Stage Fright Survival Guide” ebook ($10 value)

  • “Demystifying the Breath” ebook ($10 value)

  • “Releasing Tension From the Source” ebook ($10 value)

  • SFYL Research Newsletter ($20 value) each month, we will send out music advocacy research updates so you can become an advocate for the arts in your community


  • Membership discounts on future events and services, and archived event access

  • Certificate of achievement (up to 12 hours PD credit available for licensed music educators)

All added up, this entire package with all its bonuses comes to a total value of


That is already a ridiculously low price when you consider the fact that private lessons for the same amount of contact time we are giving you would be upwards of $1500!


And that doesn't include any supplementary bonus materials, no instant replays or lifetime access, and usually nothing more than simple mechanical technique.


But you get the whole course package for less than half the valued price - only


We are so sure that you will grow from this experience that we are backing up this offer with a 100% money-back guarantee. That means if you get through the first class and you aren’t completely blown away by what you’ve learned, we will refund the full price of the course. So you really have nothing to lose and everything to gain from this experience.

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This course starts soon, and we have to wrap up enrollment and registration in just a few more days.


So make the choice to claim command of your voice and begin your journey of transformation today!

Begin Your Transformation Today
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