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Transformative Singing
Holistic Technique
workshop collection

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This exclusive, limited edition workshop collection from the Sing For Your Lives vault will guide you step by step through the transformational techniques and mindset shifts that Transformative Singers all over the world are using to discover the full expressive capability of their voices, vanquish their performance anxiety, and claim authority in their artistry.


Here's what you'll find inside:

1. What Is Holistic Vocal Technique? 

What is this whole "Transformative Singing" thing all about, anyway?

In this workshop, you'll learn...

  1. Why "band-aid" solutions don't fix vocal technique

  2. The reason you need to know, not just HOW to sing, but also WHY you sing

  3. How to address the root cause of vocal technique challenges through a holistic lens that integrates Body, Mind, Heart, and Spirit

  4. How a holistic approach to singing leads to greater enjoyment and fulfillment on your part, and a greater emotional impact on your audience 

  5. How to discover more about yourself as you discover more about your voice, and live a more empowered, intentional life

2. High Notes Are Easy 

Discover how to sing thrilling, soaring, EASY high notes in this jam-packed interactive workshop. See why singers everywhere are learning more about their voices in a single hour than they have through years of traditional vocal training. At the end of this Transformative Singing workshop, you can expect to...

  1. Improve your range

  2. Improve your confidence

  3. Improve your voice

  4. Improve your life

3. Soul Resonance - 

Discover the mind-blowing science behind emotional projection, and see for yourself how shifting your focus in the right direction can dramatically change your singing, and create a transformative experience for yourself and your audience. In this workshop, you'll...

  1.  Explore different styles and colors of vocal resonance

  2.  Get a glimpse into the worlds of bioenergetics and cymatics, and be blown away by the vast implications of these scientific fields for us singers

  3. Experience for yourself the stark contrast between "Impeded Singing" and "Transformative Singing"


4. Act Better. Sing Better.
Singing is really acting with the voice. But as vocal performers, we need to use more than just sound to convey the complex emotions and intense passions that are part of the music we sing. In this workshop, you can expect to...


  1. Explore new ways of experiencing gestures, facial expressions, and body movement

  2. Discover how you can craft a gripping dramatic narrative for any piece of music you perform

  3. See how to embody a character to tell stories that make a difference

5. Storytelling Through Song 

What do all great artists have in common? They know how to tell the stories of humanity in a way that leaves a lasting impression on their audiences. Mastering the art of storytelling is a crucial component of being a successful vocal performer in any musical style. In this workshop, you will learn how to...

  1. Harness the human penchant for a gripping story and use it to your advantage as a performer

  2. Uncover ways to use your voice you may never have known were possible.

  3. Craft a compelling storyline for any piece of music you sing


6. Singing For Personal Wellness 

Discover new ways to improve your sense of wellbeing - Body, Mind, Heart, and Spirit - through the transformative power of holistic singing. The techniques and exercises that you will embody are designed to reprogram your neurology and physiology to give you a natural dose of "pick-me-up" that you can incorporate into your daily routine. Learn how to use Transformative Singing to...

  1. Re-balance your hormones to decrease stress and increase confidence

  2. Activate your Parasympathetic Nervous System to take you out of "Fight or Flight" mode and back into "Rest and Digest" mode

  3. Shift your internal emotional state over the course of two short songs

  4. Make singing fun again!

7. Audition Transformation 

Discover holistic tips and tricks for dissolving performance anxiety, uncovering your true power and purpose as a singer, and making a lasting emotional impact on your audition panel. Embody new techniques and mindset shifts to present the very best version of yourself every time you audition!

Go beyond the confines of traditional vocal training.

Discover how holistic vocal training can reveal untapped, hidden vocal potential and empower you to sing and live with greater intention, purpose, confidence, and poise.


Transformative Singing:
Holistic Technique Collection
was $100   
NOW ONLY $49.99


Bonus Materials:

  1. Stage Fright Survival Guide

  2. Demystifying the Breath

  3. Releasing Tension to Be a Better Singer



A Transformative Singing Masterclass

That shows you the exact vocal transformation that three different singers singing three different styles were able to embody in just a few short minutes.


All of these materials normally sell for a combined total of $100, with some of them not even available for purchase outside of this exclusive workshop collection. For a limited time only, you can sign up to receive instant access to 7 jam-packed workshops, plus 3 bonus ebooks and a 90-minute masterclass that will show you how to embody and employ the Transformative Singing Process to Transform Your Voice and Transform Your Life for an absolute STEAL at only $49.99! 

This incredibly low price is only available for a few short days, so act now to take advantage!

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