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Singing Through the Chakras
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This 6-part workshop series will take you through an elevated approach to the Transformative Singing Process that will help you embody a holistic approach to singing.

Discover how developing greater awareness of your Body, Mind, Heart, and Spirit contributes to an integrated singing experience that not only transforms your voice, but quite literally transforms your life.


These 6 workshops take you on a guided exploration of your voice through a sequence of self-awareness exercises that will profoundly change the way you understand the function and the true expressive capability of the human voice.


The chakras are energy centers at various points along the spine that correlate to specific nerve bundles, or plexuses, that enervate different endocrine glands. Each of these glands produces its own chemical cocktail that alters the way we think, feel, and act. 

Through a series of different singing exercises, these workshops will guide your awareness and intention to each of the main chakra points, allowing you to discover parts of your voice (and your self) that you never even knew existed!

"WOW!  I just finished the last session on Friday and I had to email you and express my profound joy!  

Singing the exercises with Graham I found myself freely singing all across my range with very little issue!!!!   The higher I went the better I felt and the more freedom I felt inside myself and with my voice!  

On that last exercise I felt like I AM MYSELF again!!!!!   Or maybe for the first time ever!!"

- Shirley, professional voice teacher  

     WATCH NOW - $75


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