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This exclusive, limited edition workshop collection from the Sing For Your Lives vault will guide you step by step through the transformational techniques and mindset shifts that our clients are using to thrive in a modern performing arts landscape: 

1. Singing For Success - Sounding good is not enough! Discover all of the missing links to a successful career that your music degree never taught you.

2. Holistic Vocal Technique - Empower your voice by illuminating the root causes of technique issues, rather than using gimmicks and tricks to cover up holes in your voice.

3. Defining your "WHY" - Find your purpose as an artist and craft an individualized artist mission statement that motivates to thrive at a high level. 


4. Effective Self-Marketing - Know what you're      really selling so you can create positive attention and brand awareness. Learn how to attract the people that buy tickets, and the people that sign contracts!

5. Vocal Entrepreneurship - Spark your creativity and discover what is possible outside of the "one true path" that is preached to everyone. 

6. Embracing Versatility - Leverage all of your talents and passions to create an integrated, cohesive career plan that feeds both your soul and your wallet.

7. Creating Your Own Opportunities -Supercharge your career by creating your own opportunities to perform, audition, teach, and present. Create legato in your career instead of waiting around for that next offer to someday come.


Bonus Materials:

  1. "5 Steps to Become a Thriving Vocal Artist" ebook

  2. Client Success Interview - See how this conservatory grad facing early career burnout went from career stagnation to career abundance in no time flat

For less than the price of dinner and a movie, you will have access to the kind of powerful career guidance that will bust you out of your plateau and into the growth and transformation you have been seeking all these years. This is the kind of training you have always needed that your music degree never taught you!


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Stop asking permission to have a career!

Ditch the "Waiting Game" and start playing the "Creating Game!"  

Discover how you can create a lifestyle for yourself that brings you success and fulfillment as a vocal artist. 

     WATCH NOW - $75

Sign up today for only $75 and receive instant access to 7 jam-packed workshops, plus a bonus ebook that will show you how we forged our own successful careers, and a bonus interview that shows you how our clients get to bypass the years of struggle, and get right into busy, lucrative, and satisfying vocal artist careers.

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