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Transformative Singing Bootcamp

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Workshop Recordings

What is Transformative Singing?

This workshop gives an overview of what the Transformative Singing Process is. We introduce the concept of physiological energy centers, or chakras, at various points in our bodies, and how a greater awareness of the natural function of those energy centers can drastically enhance the way we sing.

Tension Busters

Discover how harnessing the energetic motion in your body allows you to find physical alignment, as well as mental, emotional and spiritual alignment, which all contribute to a freer, fuller sound and greater sense of trust in your voice.

Voice Fuel


In this workshop, we explore how focusing on different energy centers can improve breath management, and help you to sing with greater ease, freedom, and release.

Let it Shine

The human voice is an amazing vehicle for human expression. When we remove the mental, emotional, and energetic impediments that cause the larynx to constrict, we allow for a fuller expression of Self to pour forth.

Singing By Heart

This workshop explores the concept of "Soul Resonance" and empowers you, as a performer, to envelope your audience in a transformative musical/emotional experience.

I Sing, Therefore, I AM!

This workshop culminates all of the chakra energy points into a cohesive, holistic, full-bodied singing experience that allows us to emanate our sound, our message, our emotions, and our intentions in an intuitive, natural, organic way.

Ready to take things to the next level?

We offer a variety of holistic vocal training and vocal career acceleration programs for singers at every stage of their career, from beginners to seasoned professionals. If you are feeling stuck in your own vocal/career development, we want to help you bust through your plateau and find new avenues of self expression. Click the button below to apply for more information on one of our coaching programs, and let's see what we can do get you to that next level and move toward your dreams!

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